An organic proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms used as a Soil Amendment / Inoculant / Crop Management Tool.
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A proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms

Modal BioTech’s technology is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring bacteria which are task specific, hand selected pseudomonas that have the ability to remediate the root zone of crop plants that have been harmed by the use of powerful, often toxic, chemicals as part of what was considered to be “best practices”.

It can also be used effectively as a foliar spray to add additional protection against antagonistic organisms, like Canker, the second most serious citrus disease. The application of those pesticides and fungicides have caused important natural soil components, such as beneficial bacteria, to die off, compromising the plants ability to fight off antagonistic organisms, leading to various diseases.


A recent University of Florida field study showed that when citrus roots, and soil, have a specific kind of bacteria assemblage which is almost congruent with components of our BioGreen+’s blend, those trees are usually asymptomatic for HLB Disease, even when they are infected. They also avoid other plant infections that attack HLC weakened trees. It has also been shown that when these bacteria are absent in the soil, and not colonized on the roots, the infected citrus trees are symptomatic for HLB Disease.


Biofertilizers like BioGreen+ are natural fertilizers that are microbial inoculants of bacteria, algae and fungi (separately or in combination).

  • large population of a specific or a group of beneficial microorganisms
  • help biological atmospheric nitrogen fixation for the benefit of plants
  • help solubilize soil phosphorus for the benefit of plants
  • help stimulate plant growth through the synthesis of growth promoting substance
  • help build up the soil micro-flora and there by the soil health and productivity
  • also include organic fertilizers (manure, etc.)
  • based on renewable energy source
  • cost effective, eco friendly, and can help to economize on the high investment needed for chemical fertilizer
  • recommended for improving the soil fertility in organic farming


Effective treatment against fungal and bacterial plant diseases.