An organic proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms used as a Soil Amendment / Inoculant / Crop Management Tool.
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Our Opportunity

An effective treatment against a large number of plant diseases

The developing recognition of bioremediation as the preferred treatment in the fight against devastating plant diseases has resulted in new opportunities for companies providing remedies that meet the increasing needs of the agricultural industry.


As a result, timely identification of those diseases and ant agonistic curative agents have accelerated the options that may be used to counter pathogenic agents. Recent research has confirmed that our task specific blend of beneficial microbes are among the most useful and powerful agents to be identified as organisms that are the most effective against a large number of plant diseases. Our particular advantage is that no product currently on the market has our combination of bacteria, their properties and application versatility. First, the most common approach to crop disease management is the application of chemical compounds, from companies like Monsanto or BASF, that are often toxic to the environment and destructive of the soil structure and, as a result, the root system. Over time, the accumulation of the negative effects of this policy results in the degradation of the properties essential to healthy crops.

Modal BioTech meets these needs. Our products are 100% natural and recognized as organic. They enhance the environment by rebuilding soil and root structures and conferring benefits to downstream collection areas in the same way it benefits the local cropland. Second, we have developed a “Chinese Infantry” approach, an army of microbes containing billions of CFU (colony forming units) per milliliter versus only one-quarter of that CFU production by our closest competitor. Third, current research has focused on either foliar spray or trunk injection as the method of application. Modal BioTech’s approach, remediation, prevention and multi-modal application methods will allow us to provide a powerful and unique tool at an attractive price point in a market with huge pent up demand at the most critical locations, the root zone and foliar canopy.

Target Market

Modal BioTech’s target market and customers are in the agricultural industry, with a focus on the citrus growers and the local, state and federal agencies and the trade groups that support them.


Modal BioTech’s capabilities impact the agricultural communities immediate needs based target analysis and lead identification resulting in design and optimization BioGreen+ prior to entering clinical trials.

According to the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, global orange production for 2015/2016 is forecast down 740,000 metric tons, an 18% drop, while orange processing is down 840,000 tons. The same trend exists, for the same reason, for Mandarins, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons and limes. In Florida alone the cumulative impact of HLB were estimated to be -$7.802 billion through the 2013-2014 season from the first known infection in 2006. With no known cure this trend is expected to continue until a cure is found. Modal BioTech is well positioned to take advantage of these market realities, where demand far outweighs supply. Ancillary markets, such as golf course and turfgrass applications offer additional opportunities for Modal BioTech and will be acted on within six months of funding, starting with golf and turfgrass.