An organic proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms used as a Soil Amendment / Inoculant / Crop Management Tool.
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What is the technology?

Modal BioTech’s technology is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring bacteria which are task specific, hand selected pseudomonas that have the ability to remediate the root zone of crop plants that have been harmed by the use of powerful, often toxic, chemicals as part of what was considered to be “best practices”.

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What is bio fertilizer?

Soil amendments like BioGreen+ are natural fertilizers that are also microbial inoculates of bacteria and fungi (separately or in combination).

  • large population of a specific or a group of beneficial microorganisms
  • help biological atmospheric nitrogen fixation for the benefit of plants
  • help solubilize soil phosphorus for the benefit of plants
  • help stimulate plant growth through the synthesis of growth promoting substance
  • help build up the soil micro-flora and thereby the soil health and productivity
  • also include organic fertilizers (manure, etc.)
  • based on renewable energy source
  • cost effective, eco-friendly and can help to reduce production costs of chemical fertilizer by supplying many of their properties (nitrogen and phosphorus effects, among others) as a byproduct of BioGreen.
  • recommended for improving the soil fertility in organic farming
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Who is Modal BioTech?

The Modal BioTech team is driven by the desire to establish the validity and viability of its products, develop and insure their marketability and steadily increase its market share. Our scientific team has done significant preliminary research that has led to successful early field trials.

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Why was Modal BioTech formed?

Modal BioTech was formed to take advantage of market needs and the opportunities created by the resulting, rapidly rising, demand for bioremedial solutions designed to treat powerful plant disease producing organisms.

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What is Modal BioTech's primary product?

Our primary product is BioGreen, is a proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms used as a Soil Amendment / Inoculant / Crop Management Tool. It has gone through numerous iterations, each adding new advantages or new markets, where it has been used with great success.

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What can it be used to treat?

Specific microbes included in the BioGreen matrix have genes which code for the production of specific chemical compounds including: enzymes, antibiotics, and RNA messenger signals of various kinds. Some of these chemicals are uniquely applicable to the treatment of Citrus Greening, and other fungal and bacterial plant diseases. They are known to control and inhibit the plant pathogens on a variety of economically important plants.

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What is the target market?

Modal BioTech’s target market and customers are in the agricultural industry, with a focus on the citrus growers and the local, state and federal agencies and the trade groups that support them. Modal BioTech’s capabilities impact the agricultural communities immediate needs based target analysis and lead identification resulting in design and optimization BioGreen prior to entering clinical trials.

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What are the economic effects of HLB on Florida Citrus?

Citrus Huanglongbing (HLB) has had a profoundly negative impact on citrus production in the state of Florida, which has led to a significant adverse economic impact to overall GDP, income, and employment in the agricultural sector and related industries.  To learn more, read the following PDF: Economic Impacts of Citrus Greening (HLB) in Florida.