An organic proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms used as a Soil Amendment / Inoculant / Crop Management Tool.
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A biotechnology company servicing the agricultural industry

Company Summary

Modal Biotech is a technology company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing scalable and cost effective bio-fertilizers and soil amendments as a means of preventing crop losses due to fungal and bacterial infections. Our primary focus is on citrus and HLB (Huanglongbing, Citrus Greening), a bacterial disease with no known cure and economically feasible treatment to reduce symptomatic effects. It is devastating the Florida orange industry, as well as the global citrus market.

Modal BioTech’s products allow crops to be treated in an ecologically safe and cost effective manner, utilizing its multiple properties to effectively defeat powerful disease producing organisms. Some of these are having catastrophic effects, in particular HLB, commonly known as Citrus Greening, devastating the citrus industry worldwide.

bio-technology company

supply individual and commercial growers

ecologically safe and cost effective

bioremedial crop treatments

alternative to toxic chemicals and soil amendments

defeats powerful disease producing organisms


Our primary product, BioGreen+, is a biological matrix that has gone through numerous iterations, each adding new advantages or new markets, where it has been used successfully. Our research has shown that the innate properties of this matrix will allow a significant cross section of the agricultural industry to deal with the growing problems in various sectors that are causing huge losses to agri-businesses worldwide, particularly in the citrus industry.

Our strategic partnership with IWS Corp and the University of Florida puts us in a very favorable position in a market with huge demand and a growing recognition that bioremediation is the future of crop maintenance.

Modal BioTech has the exclusive rights to market, sell, develop, and sub-licence,  BioGreen+ in the United States and Europe.  We have already begun discussions with the University of Florida Biology Department, and its lead scientist, to conduct further studies aimed and improving BioGreen+ and expanding our intellectual property rights. We have begun that process with three new patent applications.


We have filed three new patent applications.