An organic proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms used as a Soil Amendment / Inoculant / Crop Management Tool.
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What is Modal BioTech?

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Developer, manufacturer, and marketer of biotechnology products and services for and to the domestic and international agricultural industry. Our principle product is BioGreen+, an organic blend of task specific bacteria used as a remedial agent in the treatment of plant pathogens.

Crop Treatments

Our products have multiple properties to effectively defeat powerful crop disease producing organisms

Individual and Commercial

We supply both individual and commercial growers with scalable solutions

Ecologically Safe

Alternatives to toxic chemicals and soil amendments that, in the long term, are detrimental to both the soil and the plant

Cost Savings

Cost effective alternatives to reduce huge losses to agri-businesses worldwide, particularly in the citrus industry

Our Team

Our scientific team has done significant preliminary research that has led to successful early field trials

Meet the Team

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